Concave vs. Flat Sight Glasses

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Never underestimate an engineer to surprise you with a creative solution. A customer wanted a sight glass that can work with a camera system. This was supposed to be a simple task, install the sight glass and look through it with a camera. For some unexplained reason the customer wanted a concave sight glass, the type that distorts the image like an obround lens. Why? Because the customer was developing a camera system that brings the image back to a flat, normal representation.

This is what we came up with: offer a fused sight glass instead of a polished one. Here is what we have in mind. The picture here is a good representation of the glass after the fusing process.

The customer was happy. We were happy that we made the customer happy. Yet to this day we are still wondering what kind of camera system is underway. Are we going to see a new and improved version of Light L16 any time soon? A way to see around the corners? Whatever happens, we are curious to see.