Engineers’ Purpose in Life

The quality of an article is inversely proportional to its length. I’ll make it short. I want to make a point of using our engineering skills beyond technical applications.

Engineers’ purpose is to keep the world going around. Without breaking the old, with elegant solutions for the new. People rely on things we make; engineering is the most important profession. It’s taken for granted that bridges don’t collapse, cars are awesome, planes are safe, energy is sustainable, all that. Engineers ultimately support continuation of a happy life from the technology side of things.

How about using all that training and experience beyond technical engineering? Can we use our ingenuity to design a sustainable life-work balance? Absolutely. It takes to be all in, no balance at all but rather finding joy in what we do as engineers and also being compensated for the work accordingly. Our purpose at Encole is to create opportunities for such a balance. Talks about too much future and not enough present create anxiety and lack of progress in the long run. Hard skills are being commoditized by outsourcing, insourcing and all kinds of financial arbitrage between labor, countries and people. I sense that technical people feel this trend more with every coming year. We must engineer a better economic stability for the very engineers who create a better world.

An engineer trained to solve technical problems can also solve career and business problems. On the wave of technological and economic changes engineers will arrive at a better way to design, create, fabricate and sell things, and better connect with suppliers like never before. These are exciting times. Stability will be found more and more in controlled chaos, rather than in merit increases.

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