TCI ClampConnect (TM) from L.J. Star

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L.J. Star continues to innovate in the area of sanitary hardware components. The TCI ClampConnect™ is a sanitary clamp that joins two pipes or flanges together without introducing gauling of wetted surfaces, making the new sanitary clamps more sanitary for SIP/CIP applications. See Product Line. The new design works such that during the clamping action, there is no rubbing of surfaces against each other, thus no metal shavings or scratching of surface finishes.

More details are available in the Press Release.

The new sanitary clamp has a trade name TCI ClampConnect™. The advantage of this clamp is elimination of friction or shear between touching surfaces. There is no particle generation when the clamp closes or opens, making the TRI ClampConnect™ an ideal solution for joining pipe ends in critical sanitary applications. The clamp is designed to work with standard pipe sizes.


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