Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done

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The other day I made a 3D CAD model of a gate valve. That is of an existing valve, currently in production from one of our suppliers. There was little geometrical data to go by, just the envelope dimensions and the interfaces.

So, I asked an editor-to-be if he could make CAD from the sparse drawings, and some photographs of the actual valve. He said it cannot be done. Just to clarify, this CAD model we are talking about is not for manufacturing purposes, but for rendering. This CAD model would be used for sales literature. For this purpose it can be done easily from very minimal information. 

We are engineers. If we can create real-world products from our minds, we certainly can reverse-engineer an existing product. With a little of metrology, lot’s of scaling of features, we can come up with a very close approximation of what the actual part looks like.

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