How SEO Fits in with Business Development: Penberthy Sight Glass

We do no marketing whatsoever, other than stuffing the website with keywords for “sight glasses“, our main products at this point. Why we still have sales is beyond me as we are on page 7 on Google, and Encole sight glasses are a fairly new product. Yet we have repeat customers, new customers, and the word is spreading. But not as fast as we would like. So we are optimizing the site, doing the expert SEO, the best ten, top ranking bit, all that. Is that enough to move up on the supply/demand curve. No. We can add social media marketing, direct marketing, trade shows followed up by visits to our favorite distributors. All that helps. But, hey, we are an innovative company, and an impatient one at that.  Doing backflips on social media is not our forte.

Recently we’ve had increased demand for sight windows of a particular size we do not carry, yet customers need. They come to us, so we help. We contacted a number of suppliers, only a few of then responded. Most suppliers have a mess of a website, hard to navigate, even harder to find particular products. This is for an industrial product where customers expect the site to be dry and boring. Engineering customers want a functional site with a logical flow of information so they can find the thing they need buy it and move on. By need I am talking job security, making revenue, something that actually extends their economic well being, not just an object you buy from a SkyMall catalog. We even did a search by images for Penberthy Sight Glass, and this is what the results looked like:

Can you actually buy the product on the Penberthy website, especially if your job depends on it? Unlikely. This website just leads to emails for distributors in various locations around the world. You have to send an email and hope they get back to you at some point. We are still waiting, the customer is on hold. Not cool.

The level of stress in the cubicles out there is just too high. We are here to solve this nonsense. Sure, we do SEO and SEM, but this is not really building a business. Not to us. We build the business by actually helping the customer, by developing trust and understanding their needs. And by delivering the product they need. Our efforts are on listening and really trying to solve customers needs. There is music in this approach to creating a durable economic franchise.

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