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Machines are the short answer to lower cost and better quality. We are developing machines these days to help us make sight glasses with speed and improved consistency. We’ve been busy beavers with our usual production cycles making custom sight windows, and now also focusing on building our production line for standard NPT sight glasses, Metric

and SAE sight glasses. For that we need machines; we need to design them, engineer them, fabricate them. It’s a fun little diversion from designing high temperature sight glasses for all kinds of applications around the world.

Designing a production machine for a line of our products is all local activity where close collaboration with mechanical, electrical, manufacturing and automation engineers is important. We are pushing our shop a bit further these days, with weekly updates to review the progress. A few things remain to be added to the design, such as limit switches on linear stages, programming for synchronized moves between the machine stages, that’s about it. We should have the main frame components assembled this week. Commissioning is planned for mid-June, just in time for the ramp in production in the second half of the year. We are looking forward to better yields and automating our sight glass manufacturing process. With that we will be compliant with ISO 9001. Obtaining the actual ISO 9001 certification should be the next logical step when the machines are on line. Fun second half of ’14.

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