New Year 2014 Wishes

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By now most cultures have celebrated their New Year’s Day. We already have a few things to celebrate as we start our new fiscal year. We’ve completed our enterprise resource planning system, ERP. You know, the boring stuff, the necessary evil. But it really works, it really helps us do a better job of organizing our business. Also we’ve started manufacturing Encole sight glasses. For this year we wish to add another tab in the header of our website. This tab will be “Distributors”, where a world map will start showing the Encole logo in various parts of Canada, Latin America, Europe, and South Africa. We currently sell in these areas and people are constantly asking us if we have stocking distributors. We should. This is going to be interesting to see if the Distributors we find would want to sell their existing lines through the catalog.

Another wish is to balance our passion for being fiscally productive with passion for finding joy in the moment.

A couple of my friends very capable of riding no longer ride their motorcycles. Incidentally, both had an R6, a hoot motorcycle to ride. I cannot imagine how they live in Silicon Valley after being bitten by celestial feelings of riding, perfect weather year around, and suddenly not riding. Oh, yes, on a bike you are above traffic and there is always traffic in the Bay Area. So you have tangible benefits of a fun commute to work. Actually, the commute part on a bike is really secondary, with the fun built into every ride. Suddenly arriving to work for an exciting day at the office are very balanced. I think the joys of the moment most people seek are so clear to find in riding. Here are a few examples.

Fun. Mental sharpness. Quick decision making. Somewhat athletic activity. That roller-coaster feeling. Machine’s instant response. Satisfaction in “I can do it”. A hand waive to fellow bikers on the road. Human connection with others. A connection between man and machine.

I can’t think of more at the moment, but in a word, these are attributes of Passion. What do we want from life? I think bikers have a leg up on this. My really big wish is for more people finding a way to live their passions, not necessarily by biking, but in something, anything. Happy New Year everybody, 2014 is upon us, make a wish. Write it down, read it every day and put a plan behind it. It will come true!

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