American Dream

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How would you feel if someone told you that the American Dream was dead? Would you believe that? I wouldn’t. It’s like saying that all dreams are dead. It’s like saying that you can’t have what you want. Do you believe that? You can have what you want and your dreams are just as alive as your ability to make them happen. This is where lies the rub.

The American Dream is a concept nursed into people’s minds over time. Many take this concept for granted as home ownership or starting a business is thought to be genetically American. It has nothing to do with the gene pool of any particular nation; it’s human to want ownership and independence. It happens that for many years America was the place to achieve these things. Is it still possible to get what you want in this country, or any country for that matter? If we lose the belief that the answer is anything but yes, the game is over. There would be no point then of getting out of bed in the morning.

I think that by this time next year our engineering business will continue to grow, as the chance to live the American Dream will continue to decline. This is an inverse relationship where the two events are uncorrelated by any means, other then they will take place during the same time period.

Say, you want something. A material thing, better grades on a test, a better personal relationship, a new job, whatever it is. You can have it with a focused effort. If it’s more money you want, you can have that too. You can’t print it; this privilege is reserved for the Federal Reserve only, no pun intended. But you can put your energies into creating value and the money will follow. There is a direct relationship here between the effort and reward, with some time delay in between, which can be reduced with a greater focus on the results. In return for your efforts you can change your life and make it better. You will find that job, will overcome that writer’s block, will get that contract. One customer, one client at a time, you can change their lives in the process. Repeat it every time and you can change the world. Do what’s in your control. It instills confidence and it sells.

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