Street’s Occupation of Your Wallet

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I was holding off on writing about your money or your life, but what I am waiting for? Staying on subjects like organic meals or green living is just as attractive as Lonekke Engel and just as safe as politically correct on a Monday morning “Hi, how was your weekend’. “Fine, it was a great weekend; I went for ice cream and a movie”. Sure, yeah.

I worked at the office this weekend to fulfill a rush order for laser windows and that was more satisfying than many leisurely activities. My weekend endeavors concentrated around useless activities like going to some mall are fewer and far in between. These days the time is spent wisely, building a future adapted for the new world unraveling before us. Gone are the days of happy motoring down Highway 1 to see a common marine animal I’d seen a hundred times before. “Or look, these are sea lions”. Yes they are, how cute, who cares. I love them; been looking at them from the La Jolla Cove times and time again. Things changed since then.

Prices are rising faster than our incomes. Jobs are scarce. Friends are being laid off. One day they are not there, after all the years. Real friends stay in touch with emails and text messaging, but this type of friendship misses everything that matters – time together. This overall situation is unacceptable and is hardly sustainable. People need jobs, friends, stability and opportunity for advancement. Wall Street occupation sends a message: “Wake up America, this is where the problems start”. Unfortunately the Street’s reach is global. When an executive of a multinational company announces a cost savings plan involving cutting the workforce, and the reason given is the “Economy”, I wonder if the executive is on drugs or delusional beyond his golden parachute. Whatever kool-aid they’ve been drinking from their espresso machines down the hall, it’s not working out. A Fortune 200 company IS the economy; large companies create the health of the economy, not the other way around. It’s like trying to get more fruits by shaking the tree at a more frantic rate. Stop shaking it – the tree will break before it yields anything but bark. The tree will produce fruit on its own, no shaking required.

How did this all start? The beginning can be arguably traced to the latest crisis that peaked its ugly head in 2008.

This is not what’s really going on. What’s happening today at the end of 2011 is another ugly head of the same ugly creature that arrived on the scene in 1913 and had two centuries in the making prior to that. This creature is fundamentally rotten. It’s fundamentally corrupt, Omni-powerful and it’s designed to lay the eggs of ruin all over the world. And this creature claims its roots to the U.S. The name is Federal Reserve. It has unilateral power to in-debt nations, impoverish masses and keep control of governments of almost any county in the world. I am not sure about Russia, their government seems to have its own voice. There is nothing federal about the Federal Reserve and there are no reserves. To put it simply, the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel having their reserves counted as legalized debts of nations, starting with American debt here, domestically. When the Fed was created it’s official public function was to regulate banking, prevent usury, and create financial stability. It failed miserably at all of these things, because the unofficial private function was exactly the opposite – control banking, print their own money on a whim thus creating financial instability and inflation, which is hidden tax. Occupy it all you want, this will not make a dent, other than perhaps inspire more protests. A noble gesture, but let’s be real. Sadly, all that anti-terrorism infrastructure can be used against Americans. Private security is big business, and a growth business. With gun ownership 88 to 100 in America, it seems that drones were not developed purely in the name of “national security”, unless, whose security we are talking about.

Do we keep down this road? Yes, absolutely. I do not see us changing our behavior. America is the greatest country in the world; anything short of saying that would be a political suicide. Rednecks around the country keep raising the flag and staying proud. Immigrants keep flocking to the US, myself including. Many of the newly arrived figure things out and see that the emperor has no clothes. They see that the political and financial scientists are none other than both sides of the same coin. And this coin together with its scientists is in the pocket of corporate owners living beyond international borders. These owners/handlers of the law may be citizens of the US, but have no loyalty to it. They run their businesses as trading machines using banks to arbitrage between workforces, labor rates, countries and goods. Today it’s oil, crops on steroids, and medicine. Tomorrow it’s some other form of energy, some other steroids. We have been trained to outsource our lives to the “economy”. We are paying the price for it. I fear that US will lay off enough people that we can become like North Korea where joining the army is the only job option. You want to feed your family – here is a gun.

The solution to keep us from stepping into the abyss is to develop the means of production on a micro-grid level, smaller, more accountable, more responsible and sustainable. I am using the term “micro grid” as it applies not only to power generation, but also smaller farms, schools with affordable education, clinics across the street rather than for profit hospitals. Finance as an industry? Who are we kidding?

The power of capitalism is real, people do aspire to own a home, start a business and be independent, but it cannot be exploitable. As much as I feel proud to live in a free country I really do not want to see our freedoms being waved on top of a flagpole as a beacon of light quickly dimming into the sunset of yet another failed civilization. My part is to keep objectively good engineering designs coming, for a purpose.

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