Apple’s Future

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This week was sad and inspiring at the same time. The passing of Steve Jobs put tears on many faces, mine included, but it also forced us to think about our own lives. When someone significant passes away, it changes us. This someone could be a relative, or a close friend, or an iconic person like Steve Jobs. When this happens a part inside us dies as well. We move on trying to fill the void, learning to live without that significant one. The best coping mechanism is trying to make our own what we loved about that person.

What’s next? “

Connecting the dots

” of Steve’s life and how he changed the world makes me believe that he will keep going and will change heaven. What’s next for Apple, for you? A simple way I look at it is to have an iPlan for iLife. For me, it could be just as simple as to continue creating more iTime for iLike. And whenever I work, iTry to iWork smarter not harder.

The products from Apple are all about doing work smarter, more intuitive, with flare. So, what’s now? Apple has been introducing an innovation approximately every six months. Typically, all these innovations are concentrated about making our computing, entertainment, communications and creativity devices better. We are talking actual innovations here, not a better marketing plot of the same stuff. Apple competed by innovation, not by price or legal maneuvering. As an innovator, Apple stands out. In fact, I can’t think of another large company that succeeded in the world by innovations. Hewlett & Packard in its early days comes to mind until it became a toy for exercising corporate egos. HP is a shell of itself these days. Will Apple become a soulless profit generator or will it find a way to stay viable as a tower of strength generating ideas?

My wish for Steve is that Apple’s ”insanely great products” continue to inspire designs and designers around the world. Knowing that Steve was in tight control of his choices there is hope his legacy at Apple will remain for many lifetimes. On the day of his death Apple’ share price did not change much indicating that financial markets anticipated such morbid finality and thought no big deal of it. The practical reality has spoken. We now live in the world without Steve Jobs but with his inspirations on the desks, pockets and minds of millions of people. One in a million. A new era is ushered in.

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