Sight Glass CAD Models

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When we create a technical description of our products, five things are important: (1) title, (2) high level description of the product, (3) operating conditions, (4) product picture, and (5) downloadable CAD models. A clear title in simple terms helps the engineer unfamiliar with the product to have some clues about the product. The description talks about product usage in a variety of applications. Operating conditions define the technical range of the product. A product picture adds a thousands words without actually saying a thing, and CAD fills the remaining gaps in understating the technical scope of the product.

Then of course there is a question of price and availability. All these things are critical to a development engineer to do his or her job effectively and efficiently. We understand this and strive to present the product in its most objective presentation, removing any ambiguity about the product function and its potential uses.

Most of the products we present in our catalog are discrete items that can be modeled in CAD. As such it’s more convenient to generate a picture from a CAD system we use rather than photograph every sight glass, every screw, gasket or a labware item.

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