Fight, Love, Live

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Just around the time when the United States was moving away from the gold standard in 1934, Mr. William Bourn was enjoying the fruits of his life efforts, solely funded by gold. Filoli , a beautifully appointed estate 30 miles south of San Francisco stands today as a historic place. The name of the place was apparently created by Mr. Bourn from his own guiding principles: Fight, Love, Live. The first two letters of each word: Fi, Lo, Li put together create the Filoli name. I went there and enjoyed the serenity of the place. Barely audible is the sound of the highway nearby, other than that the place is quiet. Wind is the predominant sound. A great place to enjoy the silence accompanied by a perfect blend of man-made and natural vistas.

Here in the rooms of the Filoli mansion big business took place during the Gold Rush, I am almost certain of that. Just like today big business takes place on Sand Hill Road nearby in the World’s center of venture capital.

Gold eventually became the enemy of the economy when the country firmly moved into the fiat nature of money. When Mr. and Mrs. Bourn’s health gave way to age, they stayed on the second floor of the house. The parties continued without their presence, while they listened to the music and laughter coming from downstairs. They enjoyed it, knowing that somehow they made themselves useful. Not a bad legacy.

Then I got to thinking about applying the Filoli principles to modern life. Clearly Mr. Bourn was successful in business, and had a fulfilling life. Fight, as in being strong in your actions; love, as in love what you do; live, as in enjoy life to the fullest. This is one interpretation of filoli I can come up with. Or was it be Really forceful, (not sure about that), Love your parents, wife and children, as opposed to what you do; and live as if it’s your last day. Either way, filoli inspires.

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