Day Trip Away from Nothing

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I took my new bike to San Francisco from San Jose this Labor Day weekend. It was a very eventful weekend, which consisted of mainly taking a ride to Alice’s restaurant on the way up to the city, then parking my bike at Scuderia West and lots of walking in the city. And then more rides on the 280 highway through fresh meadows, patches of thick fog and thin traffic. Fun. Especially the part where I joined in with my new biking friends.

Speaking of bikes and biking,

Scuderia West

of San Francisco is a pretty cool outfit for anything motorcycle related, and then some. I took a demo ride of the Aprilia RSV4. One thing I did notice between my Super Duke and the RSV4 is how much more smooth the Aprilia was. Well, this was to be expected from a four-cylinder engine vs. a two-cylinder one of the Duke. I love my Duke though for everything else, especially around Silicon Valley with a lot of nothing for entertainment other than great fun on my new two-wheels.

KTM Super Duke 990

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