Sight Glass Catalog for Engineers

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About time shopping carts start appearing in manufacturer’s web catalogs. In my job as a development engineer I look for all kinds of stuff to add to my equipment designs. If I can’t find it, I design around it. That’s a lost sale for some great product. When I am looking for a product, I am ready to include it in my upper level assembly. First I ask through my existing contacts who may have a product I need to include in my design. Next I do an open search in Google to see what shows up. Sometimes I go to McMaster Carr, where you can find just about anything, non-custom in mechanical engineering. Less often I would go to ThomasNet when I am getting frustrated not finding what I need. We started carrying sight glasses, and viewports in our catalog so engineers can find solutions.

Well, it’s going to be good in the Encole world where our customers can get an instant quote, download some CAD files and proceed to checkout with the actual product. We are excited about introducing a shopping cart on our catalog this week. Basically, the idea is to give the engineers a tool that cuts through the garbage of bureaucratic Purchase Orders and Requests for Quotations.

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